New Solidity Smart Contract Verification
  • If the contract compiles correctly at REMIX, it should also compile correctly here.
  • We have limited support for verifying contracts created by another contract and there is a timeout of up to 45 seconds for each contract compiled.
Fill in Contract Code
The 0x address supplied on contract creation.
Must match the name specified in the code. For example, in contract MyContract {..} MyContract is the contract name.
The EVM version the contract is written for. If the bytecode does not match the version, we try to verify using the latest EVM version. EVM version details.
If you enabled optimization during compilation, select yes.
This option ONLY applies to contracts that accept constructor arguments, if you are unsure you most likely dont need this. The constructor arguments should be in ABI-ENCODED values and will be appended to the contract bytecode.
Library Name 1
Library Address 1